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Letter: Cycle Lanes Are a Priority Must For Our Borough

Published on: 11 Apr, 2021
Updated on: 11 Apr, 2021

From: M Gilles [not to be confused with M Giles, Dragon editor.]

Don’t we want a decongested town centre? Don’t we want better air quality? Don’t we want to encourage our children to cycle to school in spring and summer?
For these we need dedicated and safe cycle lanes. Our borough council must realise how behind they are on encouraging cycling in town.
It’s impossible to cycle from Guildford Park Road to Merrow without risking your life several times. The one-way system is so dangerous for cyclists, surely it can’t be difficult to create cycling lanes?
They are doing it in London very successfully. It is a matter of will. Come on GBC and SCC. Be brave, the world has changed.

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test One Response to Letter: Cycle Lanes Are a Priority Must For Our Borough

  1. Martin Elliott Reply

    April 11, 2021 at 8:42 pm

    GBC did receive a very good report last May.

    It surveyed all the current and planned cycle network for their current condition and compliance with the recognised standard for several levels of cyclist competency.

    Of course, the responsibility and authority mainly lies with SCC (Lead Cllr Matt Furniss) in consultation with GBC.

    There is also that mysterious administrative level of the ersatz unitary authority meant to streamline such decisions – SCCs Guildford Joint Committee.

    Has anybody, like G-BUG actually seen a remedial plan for the whole network as well as the piecemeal ten-year rehash of inadequate routes (eg London Road, Burpham).

    Links to report and appendices here:

    Also see the Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2017, now incorporated in the Local Plan 2019 (?)

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