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Tenants Objecting to GBC’s ‘Imminent’ Application for 77% of Bellfields Allotments

By Hugh Coakley GBC is making another bid to get permission to reallocate land in Bellfields currently used for allotments. The permission is necessary to progress work on the 1,500…

Guildford’s MP Steps In To Break Stalemate In Bellfields Battle Over Allotments

By Hugh Coakley Guildford’s MP, Angela Richardson has stepped in to support the Bellfields campaigners’ battle to save their allotments from being taken for the 1,550 houses planned for the…

Council Calls For Engagement But Allotment Holders Still Oppose Weyside Proposals

By Hugh Coakley Bellfields allotment tenants, who fear they will be told to move if a development project proceeds, have criticised a questionnaire the borough council are asking them to…