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Election Results – Winner Interviews – Council elections May 2013

County Council Elections – Guildford District

Winners’ Interviews & Results

Ash   Marsha Mosley, Conservative

Elected - Cllr Marsha Mosley

Elected – Cllr Marsha Mosley

  She said: “I won because of the work I do in my community, without a shadow of a doubt. It is not about the meetings attended at County Hall it is about getting out mixing, fund raising for charity… that is what it is all about.“My main priority will be to look after my community and get some more funding for projects such as resurfacing of roads and traffic calming as I have done before. I will listen to what people want and do what they want me to do. Roads are not so bad over my way and I try to educate residents to not just moan but report problems via the Surrey County Council website which is fantastic.Sometimes I feel like I am the ‘Pot-hole Queen’!“I think these results send a message to the Conservative party that we need to start listening to our grass roots again or it does not bode well for the next General Election.”Full Result: Alan Hilliar, Lib Dem, 568; Mazar Mansoor, UKIP 573; Marsha Mosley, Con, 1312; Joan O’Byrne, Lab, 329.
Guildford East   Graham Ellwood, Conservative
Elected - Cllr Graham Ellwood

Elected – Cllr Graham Ellwood


  He said: “I think I won because of a combination of the hard work I have carried out for residents in the last four years. Hard work in the campaign mustering support and confidence from the residents that I am going to do the best job for them going forward.“My main priority now will be roads because while there are many priorities for the County Council most of my residents concern is about roads.“Given that in my ward it was a fight, as usual between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats I don’t think that the UKIP vote was more than a small protest.”
Guildford North   Pauline Searle, Liberal Democrat

Elected - Cllr Pauline Searle

Elected – Cllr Pauline Searle

  She said: “I hope I have won because I work hard in the community. People know that I am passionate about my area. I think that is recognised despite the national trends and changes in popularity of the parties.“My priority is to carry on what I am doing and maybe do it better. There are many wonderful initiatives like Travel Smart and I really like to see the community getting together.“The message I take from this result is that I suppose it means that I am doing something right that people recognise. You can’t convince everybody. One voter thanked me very much for all I have done but said he was going to vote UKIP because of the national situation. It is frustrating”Full Result: Michael Hassell, Lab, 648; Pauline Searle, Lib Dem, 1115; David Sheppard, UKIP, 659; Sharon Stokes, Con, 775.
Guildford South East   Mark Brett-Warburton,  Conservative

Elected - Cllr Mark Brett-Warburton

Elected – Cllr Mark Brett-Warburton

  He said: “I like to think I won because of the work I have put in over the past four years. Also I think it has been recognised that the Conservatives were most able to control costs.“I have multiple priorities within this division. Infrastructure generally needs to be improved and specifically the roads. But I also want to do hat I can to improve relations and joint working between the County and Borough Councils and do anything I can to underpin Guildford as the County Town.“I am looking forward to another four years representing the residents of Guildford South East.”Full result: Kelly-Marie Blundell, Lib Dem, 905; Mark Brett-Warburton, Con, 1865; Rajanathan Rajasingham, Lab, 307; Nyree Wadham, UKIP, 426
Guildford South West   David Goodwin,  Liberal Democrat

Cllr David Goodwin

Cllr David Goodwin

  He said: “I think I won because of my hard work to represent the residents in my division over the last eight years, and really listening to their concerns.“Roads remain my priority. I believe it is known that I have been getting them repaired where I could and there is a promise of more to come.“The results mean, hopefully, that local elections still mean something and efforts by individual councillors will still be noticed.Cllr Goodwin added in his speech that he wanted to acknowledge the hard fought campaign mounted by the Conservative candidate Nils Christiansen and it was good that there had been, “a proper scrap and a real contest.”

Full Result: Nils Christiansen, Con, 1039; Mary Davies, Lab, 411; David Goodwin, Lib Dem, 1189; Tom May, Peace Party 117; Laura McEvoy, UKIP, 409.

Guildford West   Fiona White, Liberal Democrat

Elected - Cllr Fiona White

Elected – Cllr Fiona White

  “I think I won because of a lot of hard work, not just by me but by my Borough Council colleagues as well. I have tried to make a point of talking to my local community and listening to them. That is what local politics is all about.“My main priority, I think, has to be the roads because that is the priority from the residents point of view but I would also say  hat the old Pond Meadow site where the school used to be really should not have been left to stand empty as long as it has. It needs to be used on behalf of the community.“I think this result sends a message that if people really believe that their local candidate cares about their issues and what matters locally that can over-ride national politics.”Full result: Laurence Hodge, UKIP, 435; John Morris, Peace Party, 105; Chris Varveris, Con, 325; Brian Walter, Lab, 494; Fiona White, Lib Dem, 732.
Horsleys Bill Barker, Conservative

Elected - Cllr Bill Barker

Elected – Cllr Bill Barker

Response not yet obtainedFull result: Bill Barker, Con, 2177; Garreth Evans, UKIP, 750; Carolyn Fiddes, Lab, 258; Arnold Pindar, Lib Dem, 429.
 Shalford   George Johnson, UKIP

Elected - Cllr George Johnson

Elected – Cllr George Johnson

  He said: “We won because the people of Shalford preferred UKIP as the attractive alternative to the Conservatives who had held the seat for some time. Unfortunately the Conservative candidate, Simon Gimson, could not stand purely on a technicality.“I intend to carry on some of the good initiatives that Mr Gimson had underway. Many people are worried about the roads and road crossings and they are worried more than anything about the rising cost of council tax. That has come over very strongly.“It is a pity that people vote on national issues at local elections. Unlike other parties, UKIP are not whipped. I am there to vote on behalf of the local people. We believe in engaging with local people and that decision making should take place at the lowest local level possible.”Full Result: George Johnson, UKIP, 1411; George Matthews Potter, Lib Dem, 1023; Rose Seber, Lab, 347
 Shere   Keith Taylor, Conservative

Elected - Cllr Keith Taylor

Elected – Cllr Keith Taylor

  He said: “I like to think that I won because, despite any national trend, it is the result of hard work and achievement.“I am not sure that I have a single priority now. There are a number projects: roads, schools, community facilities of various kinds and I am looking forward to progressing all of those.“I am not sure what message this sends. UKIP did not mount any sort of campaign. I think their vote is more a result of national issues and concerns than anything they have done locally but that is a reality of political life. It is national issues that voters have almost always raised when they have said they were intending to vote UKIP.”Full result: Marilyn Merryweather, Lib Dem, 361; Keith Taylor, Con, 1907; Donna Walker UKIP, 778; Robin Woof, Lab, 309.
 Worplesdon    Keith Witham, Conservative
Keith Witham Photo November 2011 Cream background

He said: “I think I won because I don’t just go to SCC meetings. I regularly visit all the local parish councils and residents associations to find out what the local problems are, and then take action. When say I will do something, I do it. I have delivered on promises made and I hope that people trust me to give them an honest answer, whatever the issue is. And if I can’t do something I will say so and explain why.

“My main priorities are twofold: to continue representing Pirbright, Normandy, Wood Street Village, Fairlands, Jacobs Well, Broadacres, Fox  Corner and Worplesdon effectively at SCC level; and secondly to get value for money and better services for all the residents of Surrey from the £1,700 million a year of our money that the County Council spends annually.

“At the election I was given a majority over the runner up of more than 1,000 votes, the largest majority recorded by any candidate in Worplesdon division before, so I hope my work locally and the clarify of my views struck a chord with the voters.

“My view of life is simple: say what you mean, and mean what you say.”

Full Result: Paul Cragg, Lib Dem, 609; Michael Stanley, Lab, 332; Terry Wadman, UKIP, 777; Keith Witham, Con, 1816.

Guildford Borough Council By-elections

Winners’ Interviews & Results

Ash Wharf
  Murray Grubb, Conservative

Elected - Cllr Murray Grubb

Elected – Cllr Murray Grubb

He said: “I think that I won because the area I am in has had a long period of success under a Conservative government and a Conservative candidate. I have lived in the area for 12 years now and most people know me.“My main priority will be anti-social behaviour and connected problems of pollution and litter. For example, there have been instances of groups of youths throwing anything from snowballs to stones at cars.“As for the message this sends, it has been obvious how dominant UKIP are. They have been taking votes from the Conservatives and the Lib Dems. Normally it has been Conservatives and then the Lib Dems followed by A N Other but today the Lib Dems were pushed into third. I think that there are a lot of people that are nervous about certain aspects of immigration because that is the big flag UKIP has flown. I think a lot of people have voted on that one issue above all others.Full Result: Murray Grubb, Con, 687; Alan Hilliar, Lib Dem, 420; Joan O’Byrne, Lab, 225.
Stoughton   Lizzie Griffiths, Liberal Democrat


Elected – Cllr Lizzie Griffiths

She said: “I think I won because I got out there on the streets and I did a lot of canvassing, spoke to a lot of people.“My main priority will be to help people who have issues and making Stoughton an better place. Parking is a particular problem.“I think that the results in Guildford show that where a local candidate works hard for their community this is recognised by the voters.”Full result: Will Cooper, Lab, 312; Lizzie Griffiths, Lib Dem, 999; Sharon Stokes, Con, 768.