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Aches & Pains? – Have You Considered Osteopathy?

Published on: 28 Jul, 2012
Updated on: 28 Jul, 2012

Hannah Lougee

Do you have any aches and pains that you have been suffering for years, imagining they are just something you have to put up with or an inevitable part of ageing? Or perhaps you have suffered a sports injury that is continuing to niggle and affect your performance?

Hannah Lougee might be able to help. She is very well qualified to do so having graduated with Distinction from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2011, attaining both a Masters in Osteopathy and Diploma in Naturopathy.

Prior to this she also obtained a First Class Honours degree in Biological Sciences and Medical Biology from the University of Edinburgh, where she developed a keen interest in osteopathy and its innovative approach to the human body and the treatment of pain.

After a period working in a prominent London clinic, Hannah has recently started up an Osteopathic practice based in the St Nicolas Surgery in Buryfields, Guildford, just five minutes’ walk from Guildford High Street. Having grown up in the area, Hannah knows the town well and was keen to return to her roots.

She says: “Guildford is a fantastic place, full of brilliant shops, restaurants, cafes and theatres, with a thriving local community. It is a wonderfully dynamic place to be and the obvious place for me to want to establish my clinic; offering osteopathic care for all the family.”

“I realize that a lot of people don’t even know what Osteopathy is, which is a great shame as they are unaware of the huge benefits it can offer in managing a wide range of medical conditions. It is a well established system of diagnosis and treatment based on the principle that the well-being of an individual depends on all components of the body functioning smoothly together, including the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues, and osteopaths work to treat and strengthen these systems so that the body is encouraged to regain its naturally healthy state.”

“Osteopaths believe that for your body to work well, its structure must also work well. As a result treatment focuses not just on the problem area but on restoring the whole body to a state of balance, without the use of drugs or surgery. “

“I use touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of joints, relieve muscle tension, enhance the blood and nerve supply to tissues, and help stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms. I also can provide advice on posture and exercise to aid recovery, promote health and prevent symptoms recurring.”

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