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Letter: Aldermen Are Right About Staff Morale in GBC

Published on: 28 Aug, 2012
Updated on: 28 Aug, 2012

From Dr Mary Alexander

Cllr Rooth, as quoted in the article ‘Lib Dems Support Aldermen’s Letter of Concern Over Staff Morale at GBC‘ published in The Guildford Dragon News and, ‘Low morale claim denied by leader’, in The Surrey Advertiser, is bound to support Guildford Borough Council but he should listen to what the staff are saying, and not just recite awards given to the Council.

He has not answered the aldermen’s concerns. He has belittled them by suggesting that they are out of touch. This is unfair: with their long service and experience they are well-placed to listen to what is happening.

The Alderman, unlike others, apparently, have taken the trouble to find out the opinion of staff. Claiming that only one person has complained demonstrates a lack of knowledge.

I recently took early retirement from GBC because I could no longer tolerate the style of management practised there. GBC may be an ‘Investor in People’ but all this means is that they let their staff know what the purpose of the organisation is, and what their role within it is.

However good they claim their management is, it does not filter down the chain because managers are individuals and there seems to be no way of curbing any bad behaviour which might arise. Morale, in my opinion, having worked there for 33 years, is at rock bottom.

I could have started a grievance procedure but had little confidence in the system, so I chose to retire. I loved my job and I had expected to spend at least another five years doing it. I was proud to work for Guildford Borough Council, but now I am glad to be out of it.

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