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Will Guildford’s Ali Chambers Be The Next JK Rowling?

Published on: 29 Oct, 2012
Updated on: 30 Oct, 2012

Ali Chambers has just released her first novel

Move over J K Rowling, Guildford is welcoming its own new fantasy author… and she is only 18! Surrey author Ali Chambers has just released her first novel, Jaded Rein, and looks forward to writing more.

Currently working as a Media Assistant, at the College of Law in London, Ali wrote her book in her spare time and has already started writing a second, which she hopes will lead on to an entire series of five.

Her passion for writing started at a young age, and she wrote her first book at the tender age of eight. She said: “My first story was called Chockablock because that was how my mum always described the motorway!”

“J K Rowling was a huge influence…”

However, a more serious interest in writing began after reading the most successful book series of all time. She said: “J K Rowling was a huge influence as she was just coming into her own with Harry Potter when I was starting to develop a real love of fiction. But all of my favourite authors and English teachers further developed that passion into an art form.”

Her own novel, Jaded Rein, is set in a futuristic world that is a cross between England and New Zealand, both countries where Ali spent time growing up. The country is at war with itself and the heroine, a tough no- nonsense girl called Jade, is a leader of a team of young fighters who are on a daring mission.

Ali said of her characters: “They just walked into my head one day, but I look back now and see specific traits of people I know reflected in them. I personally would have loved to be Jade, but she’s just a bit more ‘hardcore’ than me.”

So far Jaded Rein has met with support from both publishers and readers: “I’ve had a few people read it, all of which have said they couldn’t put it down. It’s great to see that everyone connects with a different character as their favourite and can keep up with the plot. I’ve already been asked when book two is coming out, which is a good sign! My editor thinks the story is a mix of James Bond and X-Men which I think is a fantastic review!”

Ali is optimistic about being able to keep up with her writing in the future, and said of balancing the time:  “When I can find the motivation, the written word is the easiest thing to come home and do. Unfortunately, the blank page is also the easiest excuse for procrastination.”

Jaded Rein by Ali Chambers is now available from Amazon

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