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Birdwatcher’s Diary No.11

Published on: 9 Jul, 2012
Updated on: 9 Jul, 2012

By Malcolm Fincham

A quiet start to the month of July for me, but not unexpected.

Male linnet.

I did get my third good view of the year of a hobby while I was cycling across Whitmoor Common during the middle of last week. I also had some good sighting of linnets and meadow pipits  but no more “year list” sightings for me, as yet.

Female linnet.

However, I have missed out on a few birds in the Guildford area which others have witnessed. There have been reports of an osprey fishing on three consecutive dates at a lake in Wonersh. This is thought to be an unsuccessful breeding bird heading back to Africa early.

On several dates red kites have been seen drifting across the Guildford skies at both Unstead and Jacobs Well.

I was saddened to hear that a dead one was picked up on the A3 near to the Stoke reserve.

Common tern guarding her chicks.

I am pleased to report that at Stoke Lake all three common tern chicks are still doing well, with at least one parent constantly fishing while the other sits and guards their young.

Grey herons on the flooded field at Stoke Meadows.

The raft on which they nest has been upgaded this year. The wire around it is higher and a good sized curved tile has been placed on it for the young to hide – if or when attacked by predators.

Last year’s chicks were predated by black headed gulls. These are due back from their breeding grounds any week now, so we’ll just have to watch and hope…

Friday, July 6, brought a brief evening visit by a common sandpiper, possibly also heading back south from maybe an unsuccesful breeding season in the north of the country.

Reed warbler chicks.

My most pleasing sight was on Sunday evening, July 8, at Stoke Lake when I was able to watch three reed warbler chicks being fed by their parents.

A swift screams across the sky at Stoughton.

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