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Bring on Waitrose – The Last Thing Guildford Needs Is Another Empty Site

Published on: 1 Aug, 2012
Updated on: 20 Aug, 2012

From David Smith

Whilst I see some merits to these arguments the question has to be asked if not here where? Look at the opposition to Aldi in Burpham – the company purchased the site in 2006 and it is still empty. I can think of no other site without its problems.

The last thing Guildford needs is another empty site like Guildford Plaza on the Portsmouth Road and the land near the bus station – it’s awful. There were plans for a new supermarket on the station site at Walnut Tree Close – would this work better? I think not.

If Waitrose walk away from this site what are the alternatives – do people really want more flats? Printing House Square is located on a smaller site and comprises circa 177 apartments – this site has more space – can you imagine the car movements for a larger residential scheme?

I think the Guildford Vision Group under estimate how many people will use this site that live in the town without driving. Not to mention the benefits of jobs and the community centre to local people – I wonder if this group’s vision, as they sip wine in the Bar des Arts, is for Guildford to stand still. If so, it’s not much of a vision at all more modern day nimbyism whilst the rest of us carry out or day jobs.

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