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Can You Identify These Locations?

Published on: 27 Feb, 2012
Updated on: 27 Feb, 2012

by David Rose

Here are five vintage pictures from my collection that have rarely been seen in recent times. Can you work out where the locations are?

In most of them the majority of the buildings have gone, been altered, or there are newer buildings in their place.

However, if you look closely you may just be able to spot a feature in the landscape that does remain. That should help you identify the location.

Sorry, no prizes for correctly recognising the scene, but do add a post below if you believe you know.

The answers will be given in about a week’s time…

Picture 1 features a horse-drawn milk float from Guildford dairy firm Lymposs & Smee in about the 1950s. Any idea which street or road?

Picture 1: Can you name the road?

Picture 2: A busy scene in a Guildford street. If you know your local theatre history you might know where this is. There is a building on the opposite side of the road that still stands. It was at one time a police station.

Which Guildford street is this?

Picture 3 is an interesting aerial view that dates back to about the early 1980s. A lot of what you see here has changed. Where is it and what is the name of the firm who had a large factory here?

Picture 3: Once a well know Guildford factory complex. What what is name of the firm?

Picture 4. They’re getting harder! You may be able to name the pub in the background if, first, you have lived in Guildford for 50-odd years, or second, you may have seen the same building pictured before in a couple of my local history books. Here’s a clue: there is a church to the left. You can just seen part of a wall, some of which I think remains. The road roller was used by Guildford Borough Council for many years for its local road repairs. It still exists and is owned by a steam road vehicle enthusiast who lives in the Midlands.

Picture 4. We are looking for the name of the pub behind the road roller.

Picture 5: some clever thinking needed here as this view is not even possible today. I am quite sure there would be no one alive now who remembers the farm buildings in the middle of the photo. It is the River Wey and the line of trees on rising ground just above and to the right of the farm buildings were still there up to about 30-odd years ago. Not much of a clue there then!

The farm buildings are believed to have been built on the site of one of the medieval lodge houses that was within the ancient Guildford deer park.

Two clues as this one is really hard: First, there is a steel footbridge to the right of the farm buildings that still stands and goes across a railway line.  Two, there is a rather well known hill in the background with a clump of trees on the top.

How many can you name?

Picture 5: It’s the River Wey, but can you name the road that now runs from left to right in the middle foreground?


7 Responses to “Can You Identify These Locations? by David Rose”

  1. Mike Williams says:

    Ken and Yvonne Boyce ran the Prince of Wales for years. It was packed out on Tuesdays when the cattle market was opposite. When this closed and moved to Slyfield they added outside catering and Yvonne ran a cake shop in Tunsgate.
    Ken’s brother John was a Councillor and Mayor and partner in an Accountants near Trinity Church. (Thurlow and Boyce?)
    The pub was a favourite meeting place for small-businessmens’ lunches.
    Funny how you recall things like this isnt it? I mean does anybody remember the Walls Ice Cream depot?

  2. Carol Christmas says:

    Can’t identify the road although I assume it is one of the roads off Wodeland Avenue looking towards the Cathedral.
    The horse is ‘Blackie’ – used to deliver to my family when we lived at Westbury House, Bury Street.

  3. Ian Plowman says:

    Slightly confused by the clues, with reference to the farm buildings still be there until 30 years ago, yet you say nobody would be alive that remembers the farm building.

    I think it is Barton’s Farm, the road would be Walnut Tree Close close to the viaduct that carries the Guildford New Line, the railway bridge is the footpath from Walnut Tree Close to Dapdune Wharf and then up the side of the cricket ground. The hill would therefore be Stag Hill before the Cathedral was built.

  4. Ian Plowman says:

    Photo 1 is I think the top of Agraria Road
    Photo 2 North Street
    Photo 3 Dennis

  5. David Bailey says:

    I think the driver of the road roller was a Mr Fred Day and the farm was on the (lane) road now called Ridge Mount by Stag Hill.

  6. David & Ann Bailey says:

    The name of the pub is The Prince of Wales in Woodbridge Road next to St Saviours Church

    • Marilyn Sheath says:

      Hi, I would be grateful if you have any other pictures of Guildford in the 50s and 60s, as I was born in 1951 in the Jarvis Nursing Home, just outside Stoughton. I lived in Markenfield Road, attending Sandfiled school and stayed in the area until my 40s. I would love to see any photos or pictures in and around Guildford.
      I live on the Isle of Wight now and rarely go back to the great metropolis as it is now. Ahhhhh… fond memories of a lovely little market town!
      Also, my Grandfather played the organ at St Saviors Church, Woodbridge Road for 30 years or more. My Parents had their wedding reception in the function room of the Prince of Wales hotel. How I would love to see any pictures of the front of it. I have many memories of beautiful hanging baskets and ornate brickwork on the front of the hotel. Happy Days!

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