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Can You Identify These Locations? (18) Updated

Published on: 28 Feb, 2012
Updated on: 28 Feb, 2012

by David Rose

Well done to Ian Plowman, David and Ann Bailey and Bernard Parke for once again identifying the locations on the previous post.

The first picture was Onslow Street looking towards the town centre (today the Friary centre is to the left).

Do you know where this house is or was?

In the distance is a glimpse of the Plaza cinema and also the building that was the home of the Woodbridge Press – which printed the Surrey Times.

The other white building on the right was Jackson’s Garage.

Bernard was a bit premature hitting the send button on his computer, as I am sure he knows that the photo was Onslow Street, and not Commerical Road, as he suggested.

That photo appeared in my 1998 book Images of Guildford (co-written with Graham Collyer). Our caption stated that the photo was taken in June 1936.

Jackson’s garage must have been brand new back then. I have just checked my copy of Lasham’s Directory of Greater Guildford for 1935, and the premises is not listed in that one.

The second photo was of Market Street, looking up from North Street, with Gammons store on the left.

I can recall that in the 1960s Mac Fisheries had a shop on the left-hand side, about half-way up. Any photos of it would be much appreciated, along with others of Guildford shops, particularly the streets off High Street.

Your help is certainly needed this time around with two photos of houses – the locations of which I am not sure about at all!

The first is picture postcard view (see above) of a house that, to me, looks like the Epsom Road / London Road area of Guildford.

But note the steel girders to the right behind the house.

The back of the postcard with what appears to be the name of house written on it. Can you decipher the handwriting?

I have also reproduced the back of the card – upside down for a good reason. Apart from noting that it is postmarked Guildford, 1908, seen top right is the name of what I think may be the house. Unfortunately, the handwriting is hard to decipher.

However, the message is a good one: “If you come to Guildford tomorrow Wednesday, would you kindly bring your violin as we have a few friends to entertain.”

I know of other postcard collectors who have copies of this same card. It is possible that the occupants of the house had a number of these printed up and used them for their quick correspondence.

Does this house look familiar? The photo must have been taken more than 100 years ago.

The second photo is of a much larger house. The print was in a battered frame and the glass was cracked. It turned up among some jumble and bric-a-brac that was donated to St Francis’ Church in Beckingham Road for one of its fundraising sales. We are not sure who or where it came from, so have no idea or any clues to the location.

It might be local, or not at all. Any suggestions? Leave you posts and all will be revealed next week.

The Worplesdon Place Hotel today. Could it be the same building as seen in the old photo?

Update: A reader has emailed this photo of the Worplesdon Place Hotel – now also known as the Guildford (Worplesdon) Premier Inn – wondering whether it is the same building as the old photo seen above.

Well, there are some similarities, but if so there have been many alterations over the years.

What do you think?

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  1. Martin Giles says:

    Please see photograph submitted by a reader of the Worplesdon Place Hotel which he suspects might be the mystery building. What do you think?

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