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Can You Identify These Locations? (2)

Published on: 27 Feb, 2012
Updated on: 27 Feb, 2012

Two more vintage photos coming up for you to identify. First, however, answers to the ones published previously. If you have been reading the replies, you will see that a number of readers correctly recognised the locations.

The locations  were:

Number 1: Agraria Road (off Farnham Road).

Number 2: North Street. The building on the right which back then was a police station is now the Laura Ashley store.

Number 3: Dennis motor works at Woodbridge.

Number 4: The Prince of Wales pub, that was in Woodbridge Road, to the right of St Saviour’s Church.

Number 5: The really tricky one! I admit my clues may not have helped that much – I’ll try to explain…

The photographer would have been standing on the bank of the River Wey somewhere near Dapdune Wharf, off Woodbridge Road. The view looks across to what today in the middle foreground is Walnut Tree Close. In the distance the Mount can just be seen.

Below is a photo of Walnut Tree Close today. The farm that can be seen in the old photo was where the industrial unit and antenna can be seen now. Just beyond those is a footpath that leads to Yorkie’s Bridge that crosses the railway line and now links up with the University of Surrey.

Walnut Tree Close. The farm buildings seen in photo number 5 in the earlier ‘mystery picture’ story was where the industrial building and antenna now stand.

The story goes that Yorkie’s Bridge gets its name from a man who farmed there at the time the railway came to Guildford in 1845. He was originally from Yorkshire, and was nicknamed ‘Yorkie’. He grazed his cattle on Stag Hill, but the new railway line cut his farmhouse off from his fields. He persuaded the railway company to supply him with a bridge!

When I was very young, my dad used to take me to Yorkies Bridge to watch steam trains. I do not think the steel bridge there now is the original one. I wonder how old it is?

Here we go then with two new mystery photos.

Number 1: In which Guildford street was this Roman Catholic church? The clue is that just to the right of the church is a path with a name that is the same as something found in a jail.

In which Guildford street was this church?

Number 2: Where was this building and what was it used for? The clue is that nearly opposite this building today is a building that was once a mill.

Where was this building and what was it used for?

Please reply with your suggestions, and I will give you the answers in about a week’s time.


2 Responses to “Can You Identify These Locations (2)? by David Rose”

  1. Carol Norris says:

    1st picture : The path, or alleyway, next to St Joseph’s Church was The Bars. Church was also beside the place where milk was bottled – you could hear the noise of the bottles clinking when you were in the Church.
    2nd picture : The Old Mortuary beside Rosemary Alley in what was then the end of Mill Lane nearest the river. Replaced by the Bellairs School of Dance and Drama that became Guildford School of Acting. Now probably still for sale as GSA has become part of University of Surrey at Stag Hill.

  2. David & Ann Bailey says:

    The first picture is in Chertsey Street
    The second picture is in Millbrook next to Rosemary’s Alley

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