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Castle Green Bowlers Beat Mighty Croydon

Published on: 19 Aug, 2012
Updated on: 19 Aug, 2012

Croydon Bowling Club – The ‘Mecca’ of Surrey Bowling

By Colin Summerhayes

Castle Green bowlers  were on fire in the late summer heat as they secured an impressive win against the renowned Croydon Bowling Club, widely regarded as the ‘Mecca’ of Surrey bowling, yesterday (18 Aug). 

Even though this was labelled a ‘friendly’ match, serious opposition  was expected, so CGBC took along a strong team and managed to come out the winners at  77 to 51.

The format of the match was ‘Triples’, that is four groups of three players each on four rinks of the green. CGBC had two winning rinks – 24 to 6 and 22 to 7, and two losing rinks – 15 to 16, and 16 to 22.

One of the Castle bowlers remarked: “It was a fun afternoon, and there was a lot of jollity on the rinks. The afternoon ended with an excellent roast beef supper, followed by apple pie and cream, in the well-appointed Croydon clubhouse.

“To win against a club that has 20 times as many members left the CGBC players feeling quite proud of themselves. The victory will be long remembered, as will the friendliness with which we were welcomed.”

The CGBC teams were: Team A – Brian West (skip) with Lynn Smith and Nick Hinde;  Team B – Terry Croissant (skip), with Julie Hinde and Colin Summerhayes;  Team C – Rob Williams (skip) with Peter Smith and Val Sherwin; and  Team D- Shirley West (skip) with Diana Summerhayes (Captain) and Derek Redgwell (President).

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