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Cinema Plaque to Go Back on Display

Published on: 26 Apr, 2012
Updated on: 28 Apr, 2012

The plaque when it was on the front of 170 High Street, Guildford. Courtesy of the website

The Guildford Dragon News has learned that the plaque that was removed from the front of 170 High Street, (formerly Thorp’s bookshop and now contemporary furniture store dwell) will soon be back on display, inside the store.

A Guildford resident rang this website’s David Rose after buying a copy of his and Martin Giles’ book Guildford A Walk Through Time. She wondered if we knew anything about the missing plaque.

It once adorned the front of the shop and states that the building was the site of Guildford’s first cinema, West’s Picture Palace, that was opened in the then Constitution Hall on September 8, 1909.

The plaque was removed prior to its current owners moving in.

Following David’s conversation with the resident, she contacted Guildford Borough Council’s planning department to see see if anyone there could throw any light on the matter.  Click here to see.

Central planning support officer at the borough council, Tony Muldoon, quickly replied with the news that the council now understands that the plaque had been vandalised and its fixings were broken. However, it is currently in the store and will be placed in a glass cabinet and put on show.

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Responses to Cinema Plaque to Go Back on Display

  1. Pauline Surrey

    April 27, 2012 at 9:27 am

    Surely we would like a plaque on the wall outside the store. Do they intend to put it inside? That will be like the art deco friezes from the old Odeon that are now on display inside the block of flats, but not on the outside for us all to enjoy.

  2. Caroline Reeves

    April 27, 2012 at 11:25 am

    When I noticed the plaque was missing I spoke to the designer who worked on the refurbishment for Dwell. The plaque was still on the building during the refurbished, but the day before it was re-opened by Dwell, someone tried to remove it overnight. In the process the plaque was bent and damaged. Dwell tried to fix it but in the end removed it and reported the damage to the Council.

  3. Rosemary Morgan

    May 2, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    I agree with Pauline, the plaque should go back on the outside of the building! It’s been there for the several years that the building has been out of use, plus the three previous occupants. There is no reason why it can’t go back outside!