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Come On A Vintage Tour Around the North of Guildford

Published on: 27 Jun, 2012
Updated on: 27 Jun, 2012

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The Westborough and Park Barn Community Fun Day this Saturday, June 30, will feature a picture show and talk by me, David Rose, based on old photos of Stoughton, Woodbridge Hill, Rydes Hill, Westborough and Park Barn.

Many have not been shown in public for years and I will be be adding snippets of local history as we journey through the area in question. As a taster, here are a few of the images that I will be showing.

The slide show and talk is free. It starts at 1pm and takes place at the Park Barn Centre, off Park Barn Drive.

I will also be keen to meet people to hear their memories and stories of this part of Guildford.

The junction of Aldershot Road and Broadstreet (on the left) at Rydes Hill in the early 1920s.

At 2.30pm, I will be leading a guided walk from the Park Barn Centre to visit the site of Guildford’s historic medieval royal hunting lodge. Click here to read more. Fellow local historian and Guildford Dragon News publisher Martin Giles will be joining me on the walk and will be adding some details about the Plantagenet royals who visited Guildford and its royal deer park. The walk is free and is just under two miles in length.

And there’s lots more going on at the community fun day. Click here for details.

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