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County Clubbers Have No Need To Be Sloane Strangers

Published on: 5 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 7 Sep, 2012

by Flora Windebank

The county set can now stay in town in style following an affiliation between Guildford’s County Club and The Sloane Club of Chelsea, announced last week.

Members of the Guildford club can now enjoy the benefits of the London club on almost the same basis as its own members who, as individuals, pay £900 to join and £515 per annum thereafter. At the County Club it is £230 to join and £23o per annum.

The benefits include, the opportunity to dine at the Sloane Club any day of the week, when there are not special events, and the use of the London club’s accommodation from Friday to Sunday night inclusive. They may use any of the facilities as long as the availability is checked first.

The Dining Room at the Sloane Club, Chelsea

Kevin Lorimer, the general manager of the County Club said that the new affiliation, first suggested by a  member who was also a member of the Sloane Club, has met with huge support from the County Club’s 350 members.

He told Guildford Dragon: “There have been many letters and emails expressing interest, one member said that it was the best thing we could have done. A lot of our members work in London, so it will be a major benefit to them. The Sloane Club is an ideal place for members to have a weekend stay, an overnight theatre trip, or just a peaceful base to have right in the centre of the city.’

The affiliation will work both ways, with members of the Sloane Club able to use the facilities in Guildford. Nick Eaglesfield, Communications Manager at the Sloane Club said, “We are excited to begin this new reciprocal relationship with the historic Guildford County Club. We look forward to welcoming County Club members into The Sloane Club and I am sure our members will feel equally at home when they visit Guildford.”

No London members have visited yet, but both clubs are confident that this will develop in time. The County Club will also be looking into affiliations with other clubs in the future.

Guildford County Club, which is located at the top of the High Street

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