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Cycle Fans from From Across the Region Come to Guildford To Witness Final Stage

Published on: 17 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 20 Sep, 2012

It was not just the people of Guildford that made up the estimated 15,000 spectators in the town yesterday. The Guildford Dragon NEWS spoke to several fans that had come from all parts of the South East region and at least one Cornish flag was spotted.

All reported having a great day watching the Tour of Britain and felt that their journeys had been worthwhile.

Father and son – Phil and Tom Hawkes

Phil and Tom Hawkes from Banstead, members of the Addiscombe Cycle Club said they thought the event in Guildford was superb. As keen amateur cyclists they know Guildford’s Charlotteville Cycling Club well. Phil said: “They always supply lovely cakes!”

Tom Ilett, Tim Davies, and Hela Mankelow

Tom Ilett , Tim Davies, and Hela Mankelow from Bristol said that they had had a really good day day ‘chasing the race’ to see the racers pass at several points on the route. They were going to cycle back to Putney before making their way back to the West Country.

Tim Minden and John Baggot

Tim Minden from Marlowe and John Baggot from Chichester were two friends who had arranged to meet up and cycle part of the way to Guildford. They had also been chasing the race and watched it from five different places along its 148km route.

Fred Clark and Rachel Broughton

Fred Clark and his girlfriend Rachel Broughton were ‘massive’ cycling fans, they said and had travelled down from Milton Keynes.

Tour of Britain winner Jonathan Tiernan-Locke said last night how the support from the crowds had made the race special: “It’s well clear of the other wins, right at the top for sure. Not just because it’s the Tour of Britain but because of all the crowds and support: it’s just been on another level.

“Being close to London, the final stage, it being a weekend, the crowds were just unreal. Coming through Guildford with 100km to go it was like the finish of a race, crowds 10 deep or whatever they were, it was just amazing.”

Did you talk to or see fans from further afield? Perhaps some travelled in from the continent or further afield? Perhaps it was you? Please use the ‘Leave a Reply’ feature below to let us know.

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