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Great Photos of a Great Sporting Event

Published on: 17 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 20 Sep, 2012

That sweet moment of victory! – Photo Angela Gunning (click to enlarge)

This fantastic photo, taken by one of our local councillors Angela Gunning,  captures the moment when Mark Cavendish was the first to cross the line and win the last stage of the Tour of Britain.

The shot: it might have been only a stage win but it obviously meant a lot to Mark Cavendish as he crossed the line at the top of the High Street, just yards ahead of his pursuers. It was his final day in the ‘rainbow shirt’ showing his status as World No 1.

How Angela got it: here is a photo taken from the George Abbot Hospital showing Angela in prime position for her perfect shot. She is suitably positioned behind the GBC sign.

Angela Gunning (arrowed) had carefully selected the perfect position for her perfect shot (click to enlarge)

It is just one of probably hundreds of great photos that were taken on the day. Why not send yours in to and share them with other Guildford Dragon NEWS readers?

The pelaton, having caught the breakaways, on their second pass through St Catherine’s with a just mile to go to the finish. Photo John Britton (click to enlarge)

In St Catherine’s, John Britton took this wonderful photo of the race leaders as they neared the finish. Mark Cavendish the eventual stage winner can be seen just to the right of the leader.

Sprint finish uphill, over the granite setts, a test for true champions – Photo Darren Radley (click to enlarge)

In this photo, kindly submitted by Darren Radley, we see the sprint finish up the High Street from the top of St Nicolas’ church tower.

The next photo really shows the huge effort Mark Cavendish made as he sprinted up the High Street, determined to be the first over the line and win the stage.

Every last ounce… Cavendish pushes for the line – Photo Chaz Brooks (click to enlarge)

Not all the best shots were of the racers. Here are a couple more from John Britton showing some peripheral activity…

Yes madam, they probably should all stop for an elderly lady crossing the road but just in case please go onto the pavement

Why can’t I join in?… Er…Which way did they go?

Please check back to see more photos.

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