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Guildford County School Students Caught Up In Hurricane

Published on: 30 Oct, 2012
Updated on: 31 Oct, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, on the north east American seaboard, is even affecting Guildford students.

A sixth form history and politics trip, organised by Guildford County School, is currently in a hotel in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania visiting the Washington and New York area. But, to the relief of families at home, the school party has reported it is safe and well following the arrival of the hurricane last night.

Th trip itinerary has been badly affected. They hope to travel home tomorrow. A statement from the school said: “The schedule has been changed and they are spending a day in their hotel and will hopefully be able to travel back home tomorrow assuming BA flights are up and ready again.”

The party are unable to travel away from their hotel so have been keeping themselves entertained with endless card games, quizzes organised by the teachers and watching Friends on TV. One member of the party said on Facebook: “We ventured through hurricane winds to the diner across the street.”

In answer to a question: “What have you had to miss out from the itinerary the respondent replied: “Lots of stuff which is making me sad. But we are making do.

“We have just been to a supermarket to stock up on supplies… the rain and wind [are] pounding the window.”

Another member of the trip said that the storm was not too bad in Gettysburg “…it’s just worse in New York so we can’t get there!”

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