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Guildford County School Students Start Journey Home From Hurricane Hit USA

Published on: 31 Oct, 2012
Updated on: 1 Nov, 2012

The party of Guildford County School students caught up in Hurricane Sandy during their visit to the New York/Washington area of the United States, are thought to be commencing their journey home this evening.

A message on the school website said that a local coach company was providing transport: “… we are due to be picked up at 1pm and taken to Newark airport. The flight is still scheduled for this evening although of course there may well be delays.”

The Guildford County School party stocking up at Walmart – Photo from the Guildford County School website

A teacher reported: “We had another of our ‘Blitz Spirit’ days yesterday – the students had the biggest pizzas of all time at local Italian restaurant! The wind and rain have totally dropped here so don’t think we will need all of the emergency rations we bought. We had an even bigger quiz last night and the students were great fun.”

Click here to view the Guildford County School website

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