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Guildford Raft Racing – In Pictures

Published on: 16 Jul, 2012
Updated on: 16 Jul, 2012

The Guildford Raft Race took place on Saturday 7th July. Many people partook of all different ages and were supported by a large audience by the river. All photographs kindly submitted by Mike Bennett©

As the children set off, onlookers gather at the River Wey’s edge to cheer them.

The children continue around Debenhams, some of their rafts extravagant even at the back.

Soon the adults began their race, some also sporting fancy dress.

The river becomes somewhat overcrowded as more rafts try to overtake each other.

Even without the rain, participants inevitably got soaked.

Every raft required team effort.

Manoeuvring became tricky in some places.

Determined, these participants aim for the speed record.

Their rivals follow soon after.

The Mayor’s Party

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