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Guildford Schools Celebrate Charity Awards

Published on: 29 May, 2012
Updated on: 29 May, 2012

By Gill Perkins

Pupils at Tormead School and the Royal Grammar School are celebrating after being chosen as winners of a Surrey-based initiative – MTG Youth for Charity – which aims to raise awareness amongst school children and the wider community of the good work that charities do.

Sponsored by the Surrey offices of Mackrell Turner Garrett Solicitors, the challenge was for year 10 and 11 pupils to nominate their favourite charities to receive donations totalling £20,000. Students from both schools accepted the challenge and teams researched and chose organisations to support and then tell the awards judges why their chosen charity deserved the donations.

The Royal Grammar School Team - Photo Ingrid Weel

From the Royal Grammar School, James Delaney, Alex Hartley, Angus Hammond and Sebastian Mansley, all year 11 pupils, nominated The Lifetrain Trust. The charity, based in Fetcham, works with young people to help them get back on track, improve life skills and take pride in their achievements. The boys felt it was important that this work was recognised because it helped many less privileged children to achieve and gain self-confidence even though they often fall outside mainstream education.

For Tormead School, Hanna Bass, Georgia Bousfield and Charlie Geary chose Guildford-based Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (RASASC), a charity that provides support and counselling to male and female survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Their bid was supported by the judges because it showed how efficiently the organisation was run and the invaluable support it gives to survivors and their families.

Tormead's, Hanna Bass, Georgia Bousfield and Charlie Geary - Photo Ingrid Weel

Derek Austin from Mackrell Turner Garrett said: “MTG Youth for Charity has not only enabled us to support some of these charities financially, it’s also challenged students and the wider community to consider what they themselves can do to make a real difference to the world around them.

“We believe if charity begins in school, it can permeate personal and business relationships, promote corporate social responsibility as these pupils filter into the workplace and in the process provide benefits for the local community and beyond.  We can use the eyes and ears of the next generation to help take steps now to improve the situation of others less fortunate than ourselves.”

Sonja Freebody, Management Co-Coordinator for RASASC said: “We are so grateful for this gift from the MTG Youth for Charity Scheme, and will put the money to good use in our constant battle to secure enough funding to deliver the help when it is most needed.  This money will go towards helping us offer more counselling in the evenings and on weekends which will reduce the time that survivors need to wait before receiving support.”

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