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Guildford Woman Helps Save Young Child in Tragic Wittering Incident

Published on: 28 May, 2012
Updated on: 28 May, 2012
A Guildford woman helped safe the life of a child on the West Wittering beach on Saturday. Tragically a man from Sutton who was also involved in the rescue died.
The incident occurred around midday on Saturday. A 32-year old man from Sutton and the woman from Guildford entered the water after a five-year old girl not known to them was being carried away from the beach by the tide.
Sussex police said: “The man was able to reach the child and pass her on to the woman who was able to bring the child safely back to her family on the shore.  Tragically the man was unable to reach the shore himself and was recovered unconscious from the water by others at the scene.
“Despite efforts by members of the public and emergency services to resuscitate the man he was pronounced dead at the scene. The family of the man have requested that their privacy is respected at this time.”
The girl was on the beach with her family who are from North West London. The Guildford woman was with a family group separate from those of the deceased and the child.
A Sussex Police spokesman continued: “It is clear that this was a tragic accident, and there is no further police investigation. The matter is being referred to the Coroners Officer.”

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