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‘Independent Person’ Will Assess Alderman’s Complaint

Published on: 21 Jun, 2012
Updated on: 21 Jun, 2012

Council Leader Cllr Tony Rooth

A complaint against the Council Leader, Tony Rooth and his Deputy, Stephen Mansbridge, by Alderman Gordon Bridger is to be investigated by an unpaid, volunteer ‘Independent Person’. The appointment is currently being advertised the Guildford Borough Council website.

As previously reported by The Guildford Dragon NEWS (TGDN), Alderman Bridger’s complaint arises from comments made about him in a letter of complaint sent by Cllrs Rooth and Mansbridge (both Con), as well as Party Group Leaders, Cllr David Goodwin (LibDem) and Angela Gunning (Lab), to the publisher of TGDN, Martin Giles. Cllrs Goodwin and Gunning withdrew their support for the letter in the light of evidence produced by TGDN countering claims made in letter.

Dep Leader, Cllr Stephen Mansbridge

The appointment  of an independent person would need to be made regardless of Alderman Bridger’s particular complaint which is not mentioned specifically but a GBC spokeswoman confirmed that the person, once appointed, will be involved in judging his complaint.

The website advert says: “Councils have a new duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by their elected councillors and co-opted members. …every district/borough council must have in place “arrangements” under which allegations that a member or co-opted member of that council… has failed to comply with the relevant council’s code of conduct can be investigated and decisions made on such allegations.

Complainant Hon Alderman Gordon Bridger

“Such arrangements must provide for the appointment of at least one Independent Person, whose views must be sought by the district/borough council before it takes a decision on an allegation which it has decided shall be investigated, and whose views can be sought by the council at any other stage, or by a member against whom an allegation has been made.”

The closing date for applications is next Tuesday, 26 June 2012.

Click here to see notice on GBC website.

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Responses to ‘Independent Person’ Will Assess Alderman’s Complaint

  1. John Tester

    July 7, 2012 at 7:54 am

    It is a shame that an Independent person could not investigate the conduct of the Officers of GBC. It is no wonder that some Councillors have now sunk to the levels that they have. I feel the authority that they had has been taken from them.