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Letter: Guildford Planning, An Holistic Approach Is Required

Published on: 4 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 10 Sep, 2012

From Bibhas Neogi

I agree with Auriol Earle [see letter ‘Plans Must Consider Guildford As A Whole Not Just A Town Centre!‘]. The vision should include not just the town centre but the areas outside of it as well. The plan needs to be well integrated and therefore needs co-operation of all developers and the councils.

Congestion and the need to improve traffic flow are a priority. We are told that both Surrey and Guildford councils are carrying out traffic studies. Let’s hope they do come up with ideas and schemes and consult with the public.

These are the interconnected matters that need a joined up plan: –

  1. Railway station redevelopment
  2. Relocation of the bus station
  3. Altered bus routes, bus stops and waiting areas to suit relocated bus station but not materially altering the convenience afforded by the current location
  4. Redesigned junction of Woodbridge Road, Leapale Road, Commercial Road and Leapale Lane allowing for buses and delivery vehicles
  5. Bus routes connecting the railway station
  6. Traffic congestion in the gyratory
  7. Wider and safer footways in Bridge Street and Lower Farnham Road
  8. Cycle lanes into the town centre using the gyratory
  9. Direct pedestrian route from the railway station to the town centre without at grade crossings
  10. Maintaining access albeit restricted for delivery vehicles, taxis and collection by cars to North Street from Onslow Street up to Leapale Road junction
  11. A new footbridge over the tracks from Guildford Park Road
  12. Possible solutions for through traffic using tunnels and viaducts
  13. Improvements of the A3 junctions in Guildford to reduce congestion in the A25 Ladymead (a Highways Agency scheme but requiring Councils to actively seek its early implementation)
  14. Improving east west routes by constructing a new railway bridge thus increasing potential and value of developments of Guildford Road car park site and the railway station site
  15. Additional car park spaces required in conjunction with increased retail outlets

All the above issues have been considered in my proposals for solutions that I have developed over the past couple of years. My website can be accessed by clicking here. Alternatively the ideas are to be found in a summary document by directly accessing the following link,-

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