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Letter: Is the Transport for Guildford Forum Still Functioning?

Published on: 10 Oct, 2012
Updated on: 12 Oct, 2012

From Bibhas Neogi

It is encouraging to hear from Mr. Iain Reeve who also headed up Transport for Guildford (TfG) that the councils are working with the Highways Agency on the A3 junction improvements. But what about TfG – is it still functioning? The idea behind setting up this body was to bring together all interested parties i.e. representatives from all governmental bodies, their agencies, the developers, local residents associations and local groups.

With the type of Town Centre Developments now being envisioned, it is highlighting the important role that TfG could play to coordinate infrastructure developments that would otherwise compromise efficient and appropriate solutions.

I was not expecting anything new to come up on the Park and Ride issues that I have not touched upon already in my recent contributions in these columns. It was interesting to hear from Mr. David Ligertwood that measures to restrict use of the P&R for those heading for the town centre only (as I had thought might be possible) could be considered.

Parking problems in Ashenden and Park Barn areas could only be resolved by constructing separate car parks. For example, Tesco might consider building above their free customer parking for longer term paid car parks. It would be more efficient use of the land they occupy. Some Royal Surrey visitors might then also use this as an alternative to abysmal hospital parking that cause stressful times for anxious relatives and friends.

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