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Letter: Litter Collection Should Be More Efficient

Published on: 9 Oct, 2012
Updated on: 12 Oct, 2012

From J Moore

Unfortunately, I have only just read about the Guildford Borough Council [GBC] meetings and have missed the opportunity to attend. However, I would like to add my pleas that GBC should do a more thorough job of cleaning up the streets in the town and villages around and that includes the roads on the borough boundaries.

The best time to clean up the verges is when they are cut or die down (late winter/early spring) when all the litter is revealed, but it never happens. Also, those who collect the litter at the sides of roads will only take it from the first metre from the tarmac! Further than that and it becomes someone else’s job I am told.

Unfortunately, too often, the litter is left to be hidden in new undergrowth until the following year when it has doubled in volume … and so it goes on, multiplying every year. Is it not possible to have litter clearers following the mowers?

Over the years, when tired of clearing the mess myself, I have made many calls to the GBC Council Litter Hotline requesting that fly tipping and litter is cleared from Foxburrow Hill Road, Unstead Lane, Tilthams Corner Road and Trunley Heath Road, all in Shalford. It is cleared but within weeks more arrives.

If the roads and verges were kept clean it would be a better place to live. I have suggested it is something that should be included in “community service” orders but I have been told by GBC that those on community service would refuse to do it! Why should they have the choice?

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