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Letter: Losing Our Orchestra Could Reflect The Loss Of Our Community Spirit

Published on: 22 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 23 Sep, 2012

From Bernard Parke

Hon Alderman

We once, for several decades, actually had our own Guildford Civic Hall, as all the surrounding communities also have their Village Halls: places where local people can meet socially and in so doing build a community spirit.

We here in Guildford have lost this local touch and now we appear to be about to lose our Philharmonic Orchestra.

I remember when I was Mayor some years ago, how proud we were to have our own orchestra with our own resident conductors such as Vernon Handley and Sir Charles Groves.

No other nearby borough could match this facility in any form.

I took great pleasure inviting the Mayors of these Boroughs and placed them all in the balcony to show them what we could do in Guildford.

Unfortunately, we seem to be losing the spirit in our community and the possible demise of the philharmonic might be just another step in this decline.

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