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Letter: ‘Shocked and Appalled’ at GBC Executive’s Behaviour

Published on: 8 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 10 Sep, 2012

From Dr Mary Alexander

I am shocked and appalled that GBC’s Executive was preparing to act illegally, apparantly, by accepting the Interim Town Centre Framework on Thursday evening [6 Aug].

The Guildford Vision Group has tried hard for months to engage the Council in discussion about this but have been brushed aside.  Now, at the last minute, two QCs have declared the action unlawful and the matter could not proceed.

One ex-councillor could not remember anything like it in forty years.  What is GBC doing?  If they knew they were acting unlawfully, why did they proceed?  If they did not know, why didn’t they?

The Chief Executive and the Leader of the Council are said to want to run GBC like a business, but local government is not, and never could be, a business.  As we all know, some parts of the world of commerce act unlawfully and usually get away with it, but local government should have higher standards.

A business will only survive if it gives its customers what they want.  GBC has listened to the public on the ITCF, but not closely enough.  The town needs a comprehensive look at how it should be developed, or even if it should be developed, but the Executive is not listening to that.

I emailed all of the Executive and my ward councillors about tonight’s expected discussion.  Only one councillor acknowledged my email.  Is that listening to people?

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