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Letter: Why Not Prosecute or Fine Cyclists on Pavements?

Published on: 1 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 1 Sep, 2012

From B L Corrie

I write to complain about the behaviour of cyclists.

According to the law (Highways Act Sect 72, Road Safety Act 1984 Sect 129 and the Highway Code Page 22) cyclists must not cycle on the pavement.

What about the police and the local authority enforcing this rule by insisting of upholding the law and issuing prosecutions or on the spot fines to all offenders?

In Guildford and Godalming it is common practice to see cyclists riding up a one way street and on the pavements with inconvenience to pedestrians.

It is also common practice to observe cyclists jump red lights and hinder moving traffic at road junctions. Why are they allowed to get away with this? Motorists would be prosecuted and have their licence endorsed.

The situation has been allowed to carry on for a number of years with no action taken by the police or the local authority and therefore has been adopted by youngsters who now know no better. They have never read the Highway Code or had any type of correction given to them at school or from their parents, maybe their parents do not even know of the Highway Code? As a cyclist you just buy your machine take it outside and start riding.

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