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Citizens Speak: Music Students Voice Opinions On GuilFest

Published on: 30 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 4 Oct, 2012

Following the news that the firm behind GuilFest had gone into receivership, putting the future of the the annual music festival in Stoke Park into doubt, The Guildford Dragon NEWS spoke to some of the up and coming musicians of tomorrow who are currently studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford.

Tom Nelson.

Guitarist Tom Nelson had been to GuilFest before, but this year felt the prices were too high for something so local and without big headliners. If he had to choose, he would be tempted to go to other big festivals over GuilFest. He said, “They just don’t have big enough names. I mean, one year I heard they had Peter Andre, and who wants to see him!?”

Tom Huse.

Musician Tom Huse also felt the high prices were the problem, and that GuilFest was pushing away many people who might have gone if the tickets had been sold at a lower price. He said: “My mum phoned me up, really keen to go, but then she noticed the prices and immediately changed her mind, saying they were extortionate.”

Max Barett.

Max Barett said that he had been to GuilFest before, but had managed to get in free thanks to being friends with one of the local bands performing. However, he said: “I probably wouldn’t have gone otherwise. I went to Bestival instead, as did most people I know.”  Max thought a change of image was probably the best way forward for the ailing festival: “They should make it more about local bands, maybe give ACM a stage! They should also advertise differently, at the moment their advertising is all over the place. They need to choose: big bands or local acts. At the moment they’re not doing enough to attract audiences for either.”

Katie Round.

Singer Katie was upset to hear the festival was in trouble. Although she had not been before, she had wanted to go in the future. She said: “Friends who had been had only told me good things, I was looking forward to going! It always seemed full when I walked past.” However, she did mention that the reason she hadn’t gone, was because she had been to the Reading festival instead.

Adrienne Cowan.

Rock singer and songwriter Adrienne Cowan, originally from Texas, had not been before, but had been keen to perform there, with her band Riot Underground. She said: “We are old school, underground dirty rock! We were really excited to try and perform there to a bigger audience this year. I don’t know much about it, but I’m very sad to hear it might not happen anymore.”

Rob Glossop.

Guitarist Rob Glossop said he had always followed the festival, but thinks the only way it could survive was to make it all about local bands. He said: “People simply won’t go for the names. If people were interested in going to a festival with big names, they would definitely go somewhere else. GuilFest just can’t compete on that level.” However he has lived close to Stoke Park, and did find the loud music tempting. He said: “I could hear it and it sounded good, I did want to go!”

Have you been to GuilFest, and would you go again if it is revived? Perhaps if the organisers changed the image would you be tempted to go? Or do you love it just the way it is? Please use the Leave a Reply feature below to let us know your thoughts…

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