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Passion of Christ takes over the High Street

Published on: 7 Apr, 2012
Updated on: 8 Apr, 2012

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Pictures by David and Bryony Rose

Guildford High Street was today (Saturday, April 7) filled with the bloody and brutal drama of Jesus’s journey to his crucifixion.

Cast members of Wintershall’s Life of Christ once again peformed their Easter production, The Passion of Christ, in the town centre. They put on two performances of the drama to large crowds at noon and at 2.30pm, each lasting about an hour and a half.

The performance of the biblical story, which Christians behold as the greatest story ever told, started towards the foot of the High Street at the junction with Quarry Street. Beginning with the events of Jesus and his disciples riding into Jerusalem for the Jewish Passover festival, the drama then focused on Jesus healing the sick and turning over the money exchangers’ tables in the temple.

The chief priests and elders became suspicious of Jesus and hatched a plan to have him arrested. Scenes such as Jesus’s last supper with his disciples and his betrayal by Judas’s kiss, his arrest and trial, were all acted out by the large cast. Then, Jesus is forced to take up his cross and make his way to where he will be crucified – in the case of this drama, up the High Street to Holy Trinity Church.

As the drama unfolded and the actors made their way up the High Street they were followed by the audience, with shoppers (some unsure of what was going on) swept along with them.

The scene of Jesus dying on the cross and his resurrection, played out in front of Holy Trinity Church, brought this meaningful and thought provoking adaptation to a close.



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