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Recent A3 Accidents Reveal Poor Road Design

Published on: 28 Aug, 2012
Updated on: 28 Aug, 2012

From Bernard Parke

Hon Alderman

I have read in The Guildford Dragon NEWS that another accident has occurred along the A3 near the cathedral.

Even at the time this stretch of road was built it was regarded as sub standard. The short slips roads were always unlikely to cope and although the south bound slip road has been improved the north bound one still is too short.

Additionally, no provision was made for Ash Grove. Now this entrance has been closed and the residents have to use the industrial estate entrance.

There were plans in the eighties to re-route the A3 before the University was extended on to the Mount Farm site but all major road works were subject to a moratorium when the new government came to power in 1997.

Now the Hindhead Tunnel has been built it seems to have made this a urban motorway even more a bottle neck, as many predicted would be the case.


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