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Relief For Cyclists as Train Halts Race

Published on: 19 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 19 Sep, 2012

With the barriers down at the level crossing in Chilworth, the riders do what comes naturally…

A Chilworth resident watching the Tour of Britain cycle race pass through the village on Sunday witnessed and photographed an unusual sight as the cyclists were held up at a level crossing on the A248 Dorking Road.

Tom Harfleet took these photos and said: “The small group of leaders passed the cheering crowd that had gathered just down from the level crossing. Just as everyone had re-grouped and had started to look back down the road to wait for the peloton to appear, the unmistakable sound of the level crossing could be heard. As the barriers closed, the main group came into view rapidly approaching what most assumed would end in an ugly pile up.

“The crowd started waving their arms trying to warn the incoming riders to slow down. As they came round the corner there was a mass of braking. Once the riders had come to a stop there was spontaneous out-breaks of riders taking the chance to relieve themselves while the road was blocked!

“After 30 seconds the barriers opened and the riders went on their way leaving a mark on both the pavement and the unsuspecting crowd.”

Much relief for the riders as a passing train gives them a timely break during the race. Mark Cavendish, the eventual stage winner,can be seen in his rainbow jersey centre top of photo

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