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Shalford Wants Another Pedestrian Crossing

Published on: 18 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 20 Sep, 2012

The busy spot where many pedestrians currently cross the busy Kings Road in Shalford

Shalford needs another pedestrian crossing. This was the plea from the chairman of the Shalford Parish Council at the ‘Local Committee’ meeting on Thursday as he presented a 631 signature petition in favour of the request.

The Parish Council wants to see a facility that would allow pedestrians going to and from the shops, station and common from nearby homes, to cross Kings Road, near the the junction with Chinthurst Lane, safely. The meeting was reminded that a new crossing was already on the SCC list of required highways improvements.

A young mother with a pushchair looks anxiously for a gap in the traffic

The estimated cost had been set at £170,000 for a Pelican crossing but SCC Cllr Simon Gimson has previously given the opinion that a previously proposed solution was ‘over-engineered’. It is now thought more likely that a simple Zebra crossing, at a much lower cost of £50,000, would be adequate.

One pedestrian crossing in Shalford does already exist on the main A281 Horsham Road near to where it goes over the Guildford – Redhill railway line.

Cllr Birkett said today (17 Sep): “I think I was given a reasonable hearing at the Local Committee meeting and I was pleased to get the support of both Cllr Gimson and [GBC] Cllr James Palmer [Con, Shalford]. I believe that action to create a crossing is much more likely following the presentation of the petition.

“We are very happy to allow experts in the county highways department decide what kind of crossing is most suitable and its precise location but I hope something is done soon. At the moment it does seem to be a disaster waiting to happen.”

Nearby shop workers spoken to by The Guildford Dragon NEWS all agreed that a crossing was necessary. “I think it is a good idea. I have seen many people find it very difficult to cross safely. The traffic is very fast and there is a blind corner,” said one. “Our customers definitely want it,” said another.

One Shalford resident, Margaret Jago, who has to cross the road frequently to reach the village shops said: “We do need a crossing. I saw a woman almost get knocked down just last week.”


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