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Sponsors Sought For River Of Lights Event On December 21

Published on: 31 Oct, 2012
Updated on: 31 Oct, 2012

The popular River of Light free family event takes place again this year on Millmead Island in Guildford on Friday, December 21, between 6pm and 8pm.

A scene from the 2011 River of Lights event on the River Wey at Millmead, Guildford.

It is created by people coming together and floating home-made lanterns made from orange peels on the River Wey.

Ahead of the non profit-making event, the organisers say they are looking for further corporate sponsorship.

One of the organisers, Simon Strong, said: “It is a magical night that creates a space of quiet reflection and community collaboration amid the commercial neon glare in the run up to Christmas.

“We recycle all our oranges from the lovely people at Crussh. They have a number of juice bars in London, and they save their orange peels for us after they have juiced them. We collect the skins, and remove all the pulse by hand, before putting them in the freezer of our friendly local butcher at Milford to keep them fresh for the big night.”

The event coincides with the shortest day of the year, the  winter solstice – the official start of winter, the start of the festive season, and the transition from one year to the next.

Simon added: “The actual date of the winter solstice does tend to wander from year to year. For purely pragmatic reasons  we have made the decision to keep our event to December 21st each year. Those reasons are that the 21st coincides with the schools breaking up for the holidays,  and any variance in the date could seriously interfere with my wife’s birthday celebrations!

“The year ahead is a magical place – full of promise and mystery, high hopes and dreams.”

Bar Des Arts and Elevator Consultancy are already sponsoring the event. Other sponsors are also sought, who, Simon said, will in return have marketing opportunities.


Mobile: 07747 20608%20621.

More details at the River of Lights’ website, click here.

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