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Three Significant Planning Decisions for Guildford

Published on: 4 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 5 Sep, 2012

Three important planning decisions were taken this evening (4 Sep) by the GBC Planning Committee.

Guildford Fire Station. The application to demolish the existing fire station and replace it with an up to date building suitable for current vehicles, equipment and requirements was approved.

An application to partially demolish The Foresters pub in Charlotteville and convert the remaining structure into flats was deferred to allow a site visit.

An application to demolish two existing houses and replace with five new large houses in Dagden Road, Shalford was refused mainly because it was felt, by all but one of the councillors who had made a site visit, that too many houses were included in the proposed development. But the argument that the site should not be considered to be one surrounded by existing development was rejected.

A full report will be published tomorrow (5 Sep).

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