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Traffic Problems Require Proper Planning

Published on: 14 Apr, 2012
Updated on: 15 Apr, 2012

from Bibhas Neogi

Without proper planning to deal with traffic problems, development investments by Guildford Borough Council and others could prejudice future solutions and make them more expensive and difficult to achieve. Piecemeal developments would not return the best value for money.

A couple of days ago I left this comment below on Guildford Vision Group’s Facebook page. I have also previously responded to Masterplan consultations and Solum Regeneration consultations and stressed on the need to focus on the infrastructure issues before development plans are drawn up.

“A lot of improvements to Guildford could be carried out in terms of housing, reduction of traffic and increasing job opportunities . However, these are longer term developments and not achievable under the current economic climate. What is needed urgently is less congestion through the town’s gyratory.

The longer term reduction of through traffic should be aimed for but measures like building viaducts and tunnels are going to cost £150m or more. Such schemes could only be funded by the Department for Transport through Surrey County Council if the schemes show greater benefit over other contending schemes.

What could be achieved now at a modest cost though is the improvement to the gyratory by using the road space more efficiently. The inner lane is not used much except in Bridge Street. By reversing the traffic direction of this on Lower Farnham Road and Friary Bridge, Bridge Street could be reduced to have two lanes.

Associated work would require some modifications to the junctions and the pedestrian crossings. I have set up a website showing how these could be achieved. You will find it by searching for ‘revamp Guildford’.

In addition there are proposals for a new road bridge over the railway and relocation of the bus station in Mary Road car park site together with better waiting rooms and new bus stops around the Friary and its extension.

The result would be that no one needs to carry their shopping to the bus station and the railway station would be connected by all bus routes though may not be by every bus on the routes. Please do visit my website

and add your comments through the Feedback facility. You don’t have to include your email address if you do not want to.”

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