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Letter: Waitrose Plan – Of Course Traffic Is The Issue

Published on: 4 Aug, 2012
Updated on: 20 Aug, 2012

From Bibhas Neogi

Of course traffic congestion is the most important issue that needs to be addressed. I gather that both Guildford and Surrey County Councils are exploring various improvement options.

As I recently commented, elsewhere, on the news about Hermes buying Dolphin House:

Great news that Hermes are looking forward to working closely with all interested parties “…to deliver a truly sustainable project that fits within the wider vision for Guildford.”

The wider vision should include sorting out the dreadful traffic congestion in and around the gyratory, relocation of the bus station (not necessarily to Bedford Road site) and new bus stops and waiting areas with improved facilities, Guildford railway station redevelopment incorporating a direct pedestrian route to the town centre and possibly to the Friary as well, a new railway bridge for the improved east-west route within it and through traffic to the A3.

The planning requires close co-operation of the developers (Hermes, Solum Regeneration and Waitrose), the bus operators and Guildford and Surrey County Councils.

Please visit Guildfordvisiongroup’s website and see my ideas for improvements by clicking ‘Planning ‘ and then ‘Suggested Solutions’ or by directly accessing

As for the traffic in York Road accessing the proposed Waitrose site, I suggest widening York Road to two lanes throughout from the roundabout to Stoke Road and allowing only left turn in and left turn out of Waitrose site coupled with a round about by the existing York Road car park. Provide a straight pedestrian crossing of three lanes (as children are unlikely to use a staggered crossing safely), keep the subway, improve its security and keep it shuttered off out of hours to prevent anti-social activities. Any comments would be much appreciated.”

Others have expressed almost similar views. In order to prevent queues in York Road for Waitrose car park, there should be adequate length within the site before the control barrier and a notice ‘No queuing on Highway’ by the entrance in York Road. Waitrose could operate a Pay when you leave system with, say, 20 minutes of free parking and then reasonably steep charges to deter people from staying on too long. This should keep the car park emptying sooner to make room for incoming shoppers. The exit lane would be into the widened two lane section and therefore exiting traffic would not obstruct free flowing lane coming through.

Waitrose would need to ensure that their delivery lorries could safely access and exit the site through Woodbridge Road/College Road/Leapale Lane/Leapale Road or Woodbridge Road. Close co-operation with Hermes is needed to achieve a suitably re-designed junction of these roads.

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Responses to Letter: Waitrose Plan – Of Course Traffic Is The Issue

  1. Bibhas Neogi

    August 6, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    In my earlier post I mentioned the idea of creating a roundabout in York Road. It seems it would be relatively simple to achieve this by altering the layout of York Road near the car park area. The link below shows the suggested layout.

  2. Bibhas Neogi

    August 10, 2012 at 8:21 am

    I would like to add to my previous comments that there would be a need for a route out of Leapale Lane on to Woodbridge Road/Onslow Street when both Woodbridge Road and Commercial Road southern ends become part of the Friary extension and discontinue as roads for normal vehicular traffic. Also, if Waitrose plan goes ahead, delivery lorries would need a better route rather than exiting through Leapale Road and North Street.

    My suggestion for relocating the bus station to Mary Road car park site includes creating new bus stops and much better waiting areas for the bus passengers around the Friary. One such area is at the northern end of the Friary extension with multiple bus stops that could be well integrated by Hermes within their new design. As you will see in the following link, my suggestion includes a route going around Dolphin House. However, now that Dolphin House has been bought by Hermes, whether it stays or not, it would be advantageous to redesigning this junction in the manner I suggested. The link is,-