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Waitrose Planning Application – Please Think Again

Published on: 16 Jul, 2012
Updated on: 16 Jul, 2012

From Rosemary Morgan

I am writing to support the views expressed by Gordon Bridger regarding the proposed Waitrose development in Guildford (Planning Committee Should Reject the Waitrose Scheme).  However, I am also very concerned about the low morale at Guildford Borough Council (see Aldermen Write of Grave Concern for Council Officers’ Morale) and the effect that this might be having on decision-making at GBC, notably in relation to Planning matters.

I have just been through the 120+ responses to the Waitrose planning application, and although there are some people in support, there are definitely NOT 33 (so please count again GBC Planning department!), and several of those who ARE in support, still express concerns about increased traffic.

I fact, increased traffic and the planned closure of the York Road underpass, which serves local residents, school children and college students, are the main reasons for the objections.  Others also comment on the very poor design of the proposed building, the use of residential roads for large delivery vehicles and insufficient parking spaces for the new homes being built.  in addition, the use of ground parking spaces (rather than a multi-storey car park) is an extremely inefficient use of space in a central urban environment (this is not an out-of-town store!).

I beg Waitrose and Guildford Borough Council to think again.

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