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Letter: Why Doesn’t GVG Become a ‘Neighbourhood Forum’?

Published on: 15 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 15 Sep, 2012

From Jim Allen

I wonder why the Guildford Vision Group has not gone down the Neighbourhood Forum route?

Simply put (but nothing is ever that simple):

  1. Firstly get 21 (or more) local people together  – and decide the area (if it doesn’t have a parish council). Apply for ‘approval to the council’ to become a statutory body under the localism act.
  2. Then generate a local neighbourhood plan for the area, via asking local people what they want and put if forward for examination by an independent examiner
  3. The plan then gets put forward for local voting and is then adopted as part of the larger local plan it’s a statutory function which lasts for five years but the plan can be a 20 year plan..

Go to the Burpham web site and read up on Burpham Neighbourhood Forum and join us 20:00 Sutherland village hall Monday (17 Sep) to discover what we are all about! Anne Milton MP will be there along with our town and county councillors

Or reply to this comment. I have all the documents and might be able to help.

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Responses to Letter: Why Doesn’t GVG Become a ‘Neighbourhood Forum’?

  1. Julian D S Lyon

    September 27, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Mr Allen makes an interesting point, and he makes it well. A Neighbourhood Forum is and remains an option but it is to be hoped that there is a way to work with the council to arrive at a suitable plan. It was never GVG’s objective to do anything other than persuade the council to commission a proper, professional plan and to engage the public (all stakeholders) in a very public and transparent process.
    We have seen this work elsewhere and we believe it is just what Guildford needs. Of course, the Neighbourhood Forum is a very public and transparent route and I wish Burpham well. It is a different kettle of fish for the town centre though, so let’s see if we can make progress with the new Executive first.