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Wig Provision – A Sensitive Business

Published on: 1 Jun, 2012
Updated on: 2 Jun, 2012

Julia Lampard modelling one of the styled wigs

by Gill Perkins

In a hairdressing salon, tucked away on Milkhouse Gate in Guildford, something good is happening.

Julia Lampard and her team are helping people through some of the most difficult times in their lives by helping them to hold on to something that’s incredibly precious to them – their hair.

I meet Julia for a wig consultation – something I’m a bit unsure about – I know nothing about wigs. It is a very hot day but as I walk into the salon, which sits in the alleyway between Sainsbury’s and the Thai Terrace, I’m struck by how peaceful, cool and serene it is.

“Lots of hairdressing salons are too loud and busy for this type of consultation,” says Julia. “When people are coming to talk about getting a wig, they are often already under a lot of stress and the last thing they want is to be in a noisy environment. Here, we have a dedicated area where we can work quietly with people, giving them the time and attention they need to choose a wig that works for them.”

A selection of colour swatches

It’s only after speaking to Julia and seeing the range of wigs on offer that I begin to realise what an incredible service this is. Not only can she match a wig colour to exactly the colour of your natural hair; she can tell you which colours are going to make you look healthy and which are likely to drain the colour from your face. The wigs themselves are made of fibre, attached to a monofilament cap, which is light, cool and looks incredibly realistic – right down to the parting and scalp detail.

“I’ve been cutting wigs for several years,” Julia says as she ties my hair up, ready to put a cap on, over which my wig will sit. “Then I realised just how important it was for people, especially women, who are losing their hair to get the best possible advice and service. I feel so passionately about it because you can’t underestimate how much self-confidence people get from having a wig that looks and feels natural.”

To make things even easier, Julia has come up with an innovation – a cap of butter muslin, a light, breathable, natural fabric. Some people find that the wigs irritate their scalp or don’t sit well on their heads. “The butter muslin is like a miracle cure,” she explains, tying the muslin on a polyhead model to demonstrate. “It’s breathable so it’s great for air circulation, helping to keep the head cool. It’s a natural fibre, so it prevents irritation and discomfort, and it’s stable, so the wig sits firmly on top of it and nothing slides around. It makes such a difference.” Each customer who buys a wig gets a special care pack that includes a polyhead to store the wig, shampoo and conditioner, a hairbrush, the butter muslin cap and a care sheet, so that everything’s covered.

As we’re talking, a customer walks in. She’s here to get her hair cut – but it’s hair that’s only recently grown back after intensive chemotherapy treatment. When her hair fell out, she came to Julia for a wig consultation. “I can’t tell you what a difference it made,” she says. “The quality is excellent – most people couldn’t tell I was wearing a wig – it was nicer than my own hair! Once you get the right wig, Julia cuts it for you so that you have the hair style you want.

“It was an incredible boost to feel normal again – and she encouraged me to go outside the salon with the wig on so that I wasn’t worried about wearing it in public – that was such an uplifting thing to do. At a time when things are so difficult, scary and stressful, coming here was just amazing and I have recommended Julia to loads of people in the same position as me.”

Julia hosts coffee mornings at the salon in partnership with Surburban Turbans, called Look Good, Feel Gorgeous, where people can look at and handle the wigs, finding out as much as they need to before they decide to book a consultation. The turbans are individually made for each customer, providing them with an alternative to the wig that’s both gorgeous to look at and easy to wear.

Losing your hair is one of the biggest concerns many people have about cancer treatment or any illness that results in hair loss. Now that I know Julia could match my hair colour and style exactly so that no-one would know I was wearing a wig, those concerns seem a little less daunting. This expertise and care is sitting in Milkhouse Gate, just off the top of Guildford High Street, so if you know anyone who would benefit from a chat with Julia, just pop in and ask.

Good things to know about wigs

  • If you are losing your hair, never shave it off. It will result in discomfort and irritation. Instead, Julia will use a Grade 4 cut to keep hair short and manageable.
  • If you think you might need a wig, call Julia for a chat, then make an appointment for a consultation. It lasts about an hour, and you can bring a friend or family member along too.
  • Your wig can be professionally cut and styled so that it falls naturally, like real hair. Julia uses the same skills as regular hairdressing, but slightly different techniques to ensure your wig always looks great.
  • Good quality fibre wigs are easier to maintain than real hair wigs, and look like the real deal.
  • If you’re receiving medical treatment for the condition that causes hair loss, you don’t have to pay the VAT on wigs or cuts. Talk to Julia to find out more.

To contact the Julia Lampard Salon call (01483) 579977

To visit her website please click here:

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