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Letter: Time Will Tell Whether There Will Be True Consultation on London Road

Published on: 30 Jun, 2023
Updated on: 30 Jun, 2023

London Road public meeting held in January

From: Terry Newman

Chair London Road Action Group (LRAG)

Pat Gallagher’s letter, What Next for the London Road Cycle Scheme?, raises the most fundamental important question: “Feedback – How will the public make their feelings known this time, and how will they influence the end conclusion?”

It has been reiterated at both meetings of the Sustainable Travel Reference Group (STRG), by the The Consultation Institute adviser to Surrey County Council, that no quantitative survey is intended, but that “public feelings” will be assessed by feedback from public engagement events, and other possible communication methods.

Compare this approach taken with that before the scheme’s postponement. Surrey CC frequently trumpeted the evidence that 58 per cent of the community (based on 77 phone calls) were in favour of a cycling scheme, before they knew details of its design or the effects of its construction.

Once these details were available, the deluge of emails and the outcry of the attendees at a public meeting, made clear “public feelings” were unsupportive of the proposal.

So, how will the public influence the end conclusion? Who, at Surrey County Council, is going to ensure that the results of the engagement do indeed satisfy the commitments, made to the public by the council leader at the public meeting, that public support was essential for the scheme to go ahead?

LRAG notes that cards are being played very close to the chest at present, with full design details being withheld until planned disclosure at public drop-in events, and no opportunity for discussing resolutions of the many concerns previously expressed. And, of course, many more now that the entire scheme is being presented.

So, that completes the full circle to Pat Gallagher’s opening query, in this excellent reminder about necessary contemplations: “Openness –Will the public be given full disclosure this time about all relevant matters that have been contemplated, whilst making decisions about the changes?”

Time will tell.

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Responses to Letter: Time Will Tell Whether There Will Be True Consultation on London Road

  1. Paul Robinson Reply

    June 30, 2023 at 4:57 pm

    Don’t forget only a few months ago Cllr Matt Furniss was complaining the the Mayor of London about the lack of consultation about the ULEZ.

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