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£7k Raised at George Abbot School’s ‘Best Ever’ Rag Week

Published on: 2 Apr, 2013
Updated on: 3 Apr, 2013

Year 12 students at Guildford’s George Abbot School have raised an impressive £7,000 for charity during a fun-filled rag week. Here student JOE ROBERTS reports on the events that took place.


Katherine Arney and Melissa Ta enjoy the fun of the school’s rag week.

There were costumes, cookies and cowboys, as George Abbot School’s Year 12 students went all out raising money during their rag week.

This year, the rag week was in aid of Woking Hospice, Cancer Research UK and Barnardo’s. And the whole of the year group were motivated in making it the biggest and best rage week to date.


Tension hots up at the dodgeball competition.

It took place during the week of March 4 to 8 and Monday was a great opener to the week, with the students dressing up as ‘heroes and villains’ and an interyear dodgeball competition held in the Sports Hall.

International flavour to George Abbot School's rag week.

Fancy dress included an international flavour at George Abbot School’s rag week.

The teachers all got involved, with dodge balls flying back and forth between students, sixth formers and staff alike. The winning team was Moe Qureshi, George Stephens, Joe Perrott, David Birch, Jake Coles, Morgan Chambard and Ali Hazel. A massive well done to them, and to everybody involved.

The fantastic atmosphere was repeated on the Tuesday, as a ‘battle of the bands’ showcased the great musical talent at the school.

Five bands competed in what turned out to be a fantastic event, with Safe as Houses from Year 11 taking the crown. Year 12 continued to draw looks and laughs from everyone, with a fantastic effort being put in to the ‘time machine’ dressing-up theme.

The Wednesday saw George Abbot School turn into Hogwarts for the lunchtime, as four teams took part in the quidditch competition. By the end of the hour, all competitors were successfully worn out, while all the audience were full up on their chocolate frogs and butterbeer. The maths department, or ‘Ravenclaw’, took the crown.


Teachers Mr Haq and Mrs Davies eating sheep’s testicles at the bush tucker trial.

Raynham Hall was completely full for Thursday’s ‘bush tucker trial’ event, as Mr Haq and Miss Cole took on Mr Davies and Mrs Richings in eating a three-course meal that consisted of fish eyes, fermented egg and live insects, just to name a few! Every single dish was eaten, so a massive well done to these teachers, and especially to Mr Haq who managed to win the tie break by eating a sheep’s testicle in just under a minute!


Mr Clarke taking part in ‘teachers take me out’.

Friday came and to round off the week in style, Year 12 turned into 200 cowboys and pirates, while ‘teachers take me out’ took place in Raynham Hall. The turnout was incredible, and the hall was packed to see Mr Campbell’s dance moves to I’m Sexy and I Know It, Mr O’Sullivan’s baking skills being put to the test and Mr Clark’s poor jokes getting a few sympathy laughs!


Mrs Richings and Sam Blades complete the head shaving that raised £700.

The week was not yet over for Year 12, as the common room was packed out for a special assembly to witness the ‘charity head shave’ by Sam Blades and Joe Perrott. Due to a great effort by both of them, they have raised just over £700 for Cancer Research UK, so a fantastic congratulations to the pair of them.

Rag week was an overwhelming success and the total stands at around £7,000 while still counting, a new school record.

Thank you to all who were involved, whether you came along at lunchtime, bought sweets or even took part in an event. A massive amount of hard work and effort was put in across the year to ensure that this fantastic figure was raised, so congratulations to everyone.

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