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Allow My Democratic Say on Same Sex Marriage

Published on: 6 Feb, 2013
Updated on: 6 Feb, 2013

emailsFrom Jim Allen

Clearly Ms Salter-Murison, in her comment on the article, ‘Guildford MP Angry That Coalition For Marriage Leaflet Bears Her Photo‘, supports what happened in parliament yesterday. I do not.

For 2000 years ‘marriage’ has meant one thing, and one thing only, in many cultures and many religions.

Now the word has been hijacked by the minority, as has the word ‘gay’ which use to just mean happy and joyful. The majority has been accused of being “anti this” and “anti that” while minorities seem to force their will on the majority, surely the opposite of democracy.

Personally what people do in their own bedrooms is their own business, but please, please, please do not ram it in my face every day, do not claim I am anti whatever and never accuse me of being undemocratic.

It is not undemocratic to voice my opinion which does not agree with yours. The 2011 census recorded just 61 people in civil partnerships, living in Guildford, out of a total population of 53,973, so a very small section of the population is likely to be affected.

It might be important to the activists amongst them but I doubt the remainder even want such legislation. But it has been forced through with sharp words of criticism for any who dare wish the status quo to remain.

I cannot see the rationality of spending parliamentary time on such a small part of the population, when we have far great problems in this country to solve.

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