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Are Green Lane Developments Disturbing the Dead?

Published on: 25 Mar, 2012
Updated on: 28 Mar, 2012

“Apparently even the dead are pissed off with what’s been happening lately.” This is just one comment from a local resident on seeing these strange photos taken along Green Lane on The Mount in Guildford during a misty morning last week.

They were taken by Mark Baker who swears the photos are genuine and have not been altered in any way.

So, is the patch of white a ghost or just a trick of the light?

You can’t deny it,  this area has a rich and sometimes troubled past.

In 1929, the bones of more than 200 people, buried in shallow graves, were discovered not far from here in the grounds of a house in Guildown Avenue.

There were, in fact, two separate burials. Some 36 bodies found at a deeper depth with their possessions were Anglo-Saxon pagans from the sixth century. Of the second set of burials, lying barely a couple of feet under the soil, were a total of 222 skeletons literally thrown into graves in a haphazard manner. Archaeologists were convinced these people had been brutally murdered.

They have been linked to an event recorded in history by the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, pointing to a bloody massacre here in 1036.The tale states that it was the Earl of Wessex’s men who killed men of Alfred Atheling’s army as they camped for the night at Guildford while on their way to Winchester.

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The Green Lane trackway has been used for centuries, who knows what other foul deeds and nasty things have taken place along it?

And of course there have been skirmishes and battles of a modern kind in recent years, with the rows over its status as a bridleway and not being a road with vehicle access – all linked to the couple of large houses which have been built on land bordering the lane.

Another Guildford resident has said of these spooky images: “All that which has been going on has been enough to raise the dead!”

What do you think? Do these images show something paranormal, or do you think they are a fluke of the light? Leave a reply in the box below.





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