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Can You Identify These Locations? (16)

Published on: 28 Feb, 2012
Updated on: 28 Feb, 2012

By David Rose

Caroline Reeves was correct in naming the Barfax Works, that was at one time the name of the premises seen last time around.

It was the home of model makers Victory Industries and was in Worplesdon Road, just up from Woodbridge Hill.

You can read more about this firm in the book Guildford Remember When, by myself and Bernard Parke.

Can you name this road?

But as seen in the view previously, it was then the premises of F. W. Francis, wine and spirits merchants.

David and Anne Bailey also correctly identified that picture. They were not sure about the name of the walking stick manufacturer who was on the site previous to Victory Industries. Its name was Mason & Toogood.

It sourced its wood from a coppice on Pinks Hill near Wood Street. My late mother told me this and I had an uncle who worked there when he left school in the 1930s.

David and Anne also correctly named the location of the second photo – Tunsgate, looking towards the High Street.

This time around I have a nice street scene, pictured above, on a postcard (about 1913) that I picked up on Saturday (November 26) at the Surrey Postcard Club’s fair held at St Peter’s Catholic School in Merrow.

So, where is it? Can anyone name which Guildford firm had those houses built for its employees?

What’s in the big opens spaces today?

The second is an aerial view dating from about the late 1970s.

Get your bearings on one or two landmarks or streets and you should be able to work out what’s now on the empty space in the foreground and the other open space just beyond it.

The photo has been seen before – on one of the end papers of another of my books!

Please post your answers and all will be revealed in about a week’s time.

Also, keep your answers coming in on our book competiton. See post earlier this week.

3 Responses to “Can You Identify These Locations? (16)”

  1. Woking Road for Dennis’s employees

    The site is now the Royal Surrey County Hospital

  2. Carol Norris says:

    1st photo : Recreation Road

  3. Bernard Parke says:

    It is the road leading to Mangles Road.
    The Mission Hall is just visible as is THE BELL Public HOUSE

    The University Site which was indeed Farmed by Baldrey.
    A fairly recent example of the loss of open space,

    It was said at The time “what use is it ?”
    There are only a few cows grazing on it.
    The decision to build on it was made By the SCC and the then Ministry of Education.

    Guildford Borough had no say in the matter.

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