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Can You Identify These Locations? (17)

Published on: 28 Feb, 2012
Updated on: 28 Feb, 2012

By David Rose

Woking Road was featured in the previous post, with John Pettett correctly recognising it and naming the houses as being built by motor manufacturer Dennis Bros, for its employees.

Flooding again! This time from the 1930s. Name the street?

On the back of the postcard view someone had written “1913”. In fact, if that date relates to when the photo was taken, it is not correct at all. Any Dennis historian will know that it was in 1916 that the firm built 28 houses in Woking Road.

Bernard Parke was correct is noting that in the distance you can see the Bell pub. Today it is the Red Rose Indian restaurant.

This road is a bit of a backwater now as the through traffic goes along the A320, parallel to the old Woking Road.

The answer I was looking for to the second photo was the Royal Surrey County Hospital and the Tesco store.

Amazing when thinking back, of all the opposition there was to build that Tesco store. Some protesters wanted to keep the athletics track and playing field!

How could we do without these out-of-town food stores today?

You can see the University of Surrey in the background of that aerial view. Would Guildford be a better place now if it had not have been built and the area left as farmland? That would make a good debate!

The above picture this time shows some floods in Guildford during the 1930s. Which street is this?

The picture below is another street in the town centre. Can you name it? What was the name of the store on the left-hand side?

Once again, please add your posts. All will be revealed in a week’s time.

Do you recognise this street from the early 20th century? Picture courtesy of Chris Quinn’s collection.

3 Responses to “Can You Identify These Locations? (17)”

  1. David & Ann Bailey says:

    The first picture is looking down Onslow Street with the Plaza cinema the

    white building you can just see in the background

    The second picture is of Market Street, and the store on the left was Gammons

  2. Ian Plowman says:

    Photo 1 – Onslow Street

    Photo 2 Market Street – Gammons Dept Store

  3. Bernard Parke says:

    1) Commercial Road about 1934 by the number plates on the vehicles

    2) Market Street Gammons Department store on the left

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