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Can You Identify These Locations? (22)

Published on: 28 Feb, 2012
Updated on: 28 Feb, 2012

by David Rose

Some great replies to the previous pictures which soon solved the mysteries.

The cemetery chapel in The Mount was correctly identified by Ian Plowman, while Richard and Rosemary Christophers from Woking searched Flickr on the internet and found that the memorial to Evelyn Alice Holroyd is in Guildford’s Stoke Old Cemetery, off Stoughton Road.

Do you know where this cemetery chapel is? The headstones appear to be new. The album the photo comes from is dated 1896.

The Christophers then did some more online research and have come with a wealth of detail about her and the Holroyd family. They emailed me the details which I have now added as a reply to last week’s post.

And Les Bowerman from Send has added a reply to ‘locations number 20’ post confirming that the transport cafe on the London Road was called The Three Frogs. He has also added some useful details about it.

Here are three more photos from the same Victorian album as featured last week. Above is another cemetery chapel for you to identify. Below is another memorial – but this one may prove difficult to trace the location of, as there is hardly any writing to be seen to give a clue as to a name.

Does anyone recognise this angel?

Finally, at the foot of the page a river view. I have published this before elsewhere, but I don’t think the location has been proved without doubt.

Suggestions include the bridge over the Godalming Navigation at Unstead Lock, looking upstream.

The location has also been suggested as on the Wey Navigation at Send. Again perhaps looking upstream, with today’s A247 Send Road crossing the bridge with the New Inn just out of view beyond the bridge.

All replies will be posted in about a week’s time. Leave you message below. Thanks.

This has to be somewhere on the 15-miles of the River Wey Navigations between Weybridge and Godalming. But where exactly?

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