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Can You Identify These Locations? (25)

Published on: 28 Feb, 2012
Updated on: 28 Feb, 2012

 by David Rose

North Street, in front of what today are the public loos and opposite the library, was the spot where the soldiers were gathered in the picture seen in the previous post (Locations 24).

Ian Plowman correctly identified the location adding that the gas lamp sign of the fire station on the corner with Ward Street (now the loos) is visible.

Can you name this Guildford street seen here in 1935?

Bernard Parke also recognised the location, adding that George Abbot’s cloth manufactory building can been seen – now occupied by the Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop. At the time of the photo it would have been Abbot’s School.

Ian and Bernard also correctly identified the second picture as showing the Castle Street baths. Read more about them in my latest Through Time story – Baths Were For Making Waves Or Having A Good Wash!

This time: seen above is a Guildford street, but do you know which one? Some of the buildings have been pulled down.

For an extra point, do you know what the sign ‘BEDS’ is referring to? Quite an establishment that was! The picture was taken in 1935.

Seen below is a building on the corner of two Guildford Streets. I have blurred the two street signs on the scan which I made of the original print – just to make it a bit harder for you! However, the part of the signwriting on the building that is painted out, between ‘GUILDFORD’ and ‘CLUB’ is for real. I believe the photo dates from the end of the 1970s.

So where is it and can you name some of the building’s uses down the years?

Please leave a reply in the box below and hit the submit comment button. Answers and your suggestions will posted in about a week’s time.

Where is this in Guildford? Note all the TV aerials!

4 Responses to “Can You Identify These Locations? (25)”

  1. Tony Bullen says:

    The Beds is a photo of Quarry Street looking towards Shalford. The building was the Guildford ‘Doss House’ which was for working men such as hawkers,pedlers and others generally working outdoors. Most would be of no fixed abode and unmarried. Closed in about 1965.
    My grandfather’s brother and his wife ran this type of establishment in Epsom with the 1911 Census listing 26 men born in a wide variety of places and most over 40 years of age. Now we refer to them as the homeless.

    The Club I think was the Conservative Club at the corner of Castle Street and Chapel Street.

  2. 1. South end of Quarry Street looking towards the Jolly Farmer. You evidently know more about the beds establishment than I do!

    2. The Conservative Club at the corner of Chapel Street and Castle Street, latterly the Singer sewing machine shop.

  3. Ian Plowman says:

    First Picture is at the far end of Quarry Street where now a days it joins Milbrook. in the background on the right is the Guildford Boat House and the pub that was The Jolly Farmer but is now the Weyside. Don’t know about the Bed sign.

    Picture Two is the corner of Chapel Street and Castle Street. The Car in the picture has an N plate which was issued in 1974/75.

  4. David & Ann Bailey says:

    The first picture is of Quarry Street and we think the bed sign is out side the Good Intent Lodging House.
    The second is of Castle House at the junction with Chapel Street and Castle Street. It used to be a shop selling sewing machines.

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