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Can You Identify These Locations? (4)

Published on: 27 Feb, 2012
Updated on: 28 Feb, 2012
A Guildford war memorial that has been moved. Where was it and where is it now?

Well done to the Baileys for once again correctly identifying the previous mystery pictures – all of which were (or are) Guildford pubs.

First up was the Bear that was in Friary Street. The photo dates to the late 1950s or early 1960s.

Part of the original facade can still be seen today on the left-hand side when walking down from the North Street end.

The second one shown was a view of the Live and Let Live, still going in Haydon Place.

The view shown was again from the mid-20th century and featured some of the buildings that once stood either side of it.

Interesting, as what’s there now (including the Guildford Youth Centre on one side and the homes for the elderly further on) may soon be a thing of the past as there are plans to redevelop this part of the town.

The third picture was of the Red Lion, once a great coaching inn, that was on the corner of High Street and Market Street.

The building there today is occupied by fashion store River Island.

Now this week’s pictures. Two to identify.

Couple of clues: the photo of the war memorial (seen right) shows it in its original position. Where was it and where is it now?

And for the second picture (see below), all I’ll say is that it’s a view not far from the war memorial picture.

Do add your replies.

Now a busy road junction, do you know where?
  1. Pat Royce says:

    When was it moved? I’ve had a good look but I can’t find anything! A bit of a disgrace if you ask me… If I find out you’ll be the first to know.

    I don’t know where it was in the picture you have, but it used to be in the cemetry opposite St John’s in Stoke Rd.

    If you follow this link:

    You will see, in the distance, a sign post and a stone wall. This is where it was until recently. It now stands just out of the picture in front of the property on the right, in Lido Road.

  2. David & Ann Bailey says:

    The war memorial was on the corner of Stoke Road and Josephs Road and is now on the piece of land between Stoke Road and the road to the Lido.
    The second picture is Stoke Road roundabout before the traffic light system was set up and looks towards Woking Road.

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